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Look I’m grateful for the 90s dub of Sailor Moon for introducing me to Sailor Moon and to anime and manga as a whole, and it did have some nice music and songs I still enjoy


no amount of nostalgia makes up for the fact that it was A BAD DUB.


It censored sexualities and changed genders of characters, it took heartwarming, dramatic moments and turned them into jokes, and it looked at supportive, nurturing female friendships and said “nah, let’s have them be catty and mean to each other a lot, that’s good stuff to sell to little kids but can’t dare have THE GAYS on this or anything THAT WOULD BE HARMFUL.”

Like, I just feel like we need to make that clear.

That is why I’m so excited for the new English dub. We DESERVE a good dub to show to kids now, a dub that KEEPS the great things about Sailor Moon and its FRIENDSHIPS.

I’m grateful for the first dub in that it existed but it’s the 21st century and we can do better.

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Final fantasy 3 in a few days whoo

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I have ink all over my hands uuuughh

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HEY PORTLANDERS! This is important. The article above doesn’t specify, but this article states that the reason behind the boil water notice is another possible e. coli outbreak. I was affected greatly by the last outbreak when I unwittingly filled a canteen with tap water before leaving for a camping trip. Needless to say, it freakin sucked. Learn from my fail; keep yourselves informed! 

Hey Portland friends… 

jesus christ

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is it 100% legal to kick someone’s ass for liking hetalia

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hip insults  

  • cishet white man
  • failed plantblogger
  • sword art online
  • snk url
  • spiders georg
  • south park yaoi
  • anime redux edit
  • republican party
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Normally, I ignore Preston’s stupid comics (especially when they’ve dropped back down into his “I am at a nondescript table at a nondescript location talking to a redfaced ugly psycho who hates me, watch as I tear him down with my rapier wit,” but this one legit pisses me off and it’s been a while since I’ve analyzed one of his comics, sooo….

Panel 1: I seriously hope this is a joke. Preston has only put out a handful of actual “comic books,” most of which were on the Alterna label and were dropped because of poor sales.  The only marginally successful thing he’s done was the Brentalfloss comic, which in one video they basically said that they didn’t really like it and it wasn’t successful enough to keep doing.  The closest Preston comes to a saint is that he likes to play a martyr when he starts losing a debate.

Panel 2-4: I’m not going to go over every panel here, because the main point here is Preston wants to come off as humble and making himself seem stronger for apologizing (Sidenote: considering how he has often linked to or referenced talking heads on the Escapist, I have a feeling his decision to apologize was inspired by Jim Sterling’s video where makes a big deal about apologizing for past mistakes.  Except in that video, Sterling apologizes for past offensive comments as well as various times he got information wrong, Preston takes the easy way out).  It doesn’t work, because it’s like a serial killer apologizing for the time he stole a candy bar when he was five.  He’s sorry he offended girls who like colored streaks in their hair, depicted jocks as beefheads, and drew a bland character for a strawman (which in the comments of his apology, he defends it as part of the joke, so is he sorry or not). But he’s not sorry about making a comic where he compares victims of the Aurora shooting to Jar Jar Binks, does a comic about 9/11 where he can’t stop from depicting his more talented roommate from art school like a spaz, using “gay” as an insult in the very comic he apologizes for depicting jocks as jerks, complaining about how anime and manga are negative influences despite being obviously influenced by it throughout most of his early comics, giving out bad or outdated art advice to people too young to know any better, or depicting anyone who holds him to standards of any sorts as ugly, shouting morons?  The only thing positive I can say about it is at least he isn’t apologizing anything he doesn’t really mean, which is why the stuff he’s complaining about is so minor.

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[tumblr voice] did u see that hidden gay couple in frozen frozen is the best thing to happen to disney we’ve come so far macklemore would be so proud god rest his soul

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Why the fuck would anyone run a channel on youtube and post videos of them salughtering barn animals

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"a cis guy playing a trans women is ACTING so its ok!!!!" 

shuuuuuttttt upppppp its fucking 2014 do people not get this 

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Ike was just confirmed for SSB4 and holy shit

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Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64 (1996) and in Mario Kart 8 (2014)


new era of ending friendships is upon us 

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